Facebook “Call Now” Button Increases Local Awareness

In 2004, when Facebook was founded, the sole purpose of the site was to serve as a social networking platform for individuals to stay connected with their social circles.  Whether that be friends or family, many people sought out Facebook for their own personal use. Over the past many years, Facebook has continued to not only serve […]

4 Ways to Blend and Transform That Old School Marketing You Thought Was Dead

I’m sure by now you have heard that old school marketing is dead. With the growth of the internet, the popularity of social media and the boom of mobile devices, businesses are finding new ways to win over customers. Goodbye newspaper advertisement, hello Google Adwords campaign. Farewell printed flyer, hail ye social media announcement. Adios […]

CBS Radio Exec and Ramon

CBS Radio Says Hyper Local Marketing Is The Next Big Thing (Plus $25,000 Makeover Contest)

The space for local marketing is heating up – in fact it’s boiling. There’s local marketing consultants and agencies who are vying to help small businesses use Yelp, Foursquare, Google Local, Facebook and every other local marketing venue available. (Want to win $25,000 in local marketing? This contest is for you!) Then you have companies […]

5 Steps to Guide Your Next Local Marketing Campaign (plus The $25k Makeover Contest)

Finding new customers is a huge task for any small business, but it’s especially difficult if you run a local business that requires local marketing to customers from a limited geographic area. This fact is well known and well cited – and it’s actually what motivated the $25,000 Marketing Makeover contest that we talked about […]

Become a Marketing Powerhouse With Vocus All-in-One Marketing Suite

Online marketing can be a difficult area for many business owners due to the fact it is a vast field which requires constant attention to ensure everything is functioning properly.  From social networks, email campaigns, and traditional search management, ensuring everything is working smoothly can be a full-time job at times. Fortunately, the leading marketing […]

Don’t Forget Your Local Customers When Marketing Online

An astounding 33.4 percent of SMBs have local phone numbers listed on their company website, according to a recent SMB DigitalScape study. Only 22 percent have an e-mail address on their website. This oversight highlights a problem with today’s small business, who has been increasingly urged to shift advertising and marketing efforts online. However, for […]

Tech Thursday (9/13): The YEC (Young Entrepreneur Council) and Citi Mentor Aspiring Business Owners, Dell and Manta Promoting Small Business Growth

America’s Top Entrepreneurs and Citi Set Out to Mentor the Nation’s Aspiring Business Owners   Dell and Manta: Promoting Small Business Growth       America’s Top Entrepreneurs and Citi Set Out to Mentor the Nation’s Aspiring Business Owners   The YEC seeks to retool and retrain the American workforce with mentorship from successful startups   […]

Need To Extend Your Local Marketing Reach? Follow These Six Simple Steps

According to recent research, small businesses are struggling with online marketing efforts, with only 33.4 percent of small businesses providing a local phone number on their website and 22 percent having an e-mail address. Such missteps can mean the difference between success and failure with local customers. Recognizing this unmet need, Local Corporation created its […]