Increase Your Email Marketing Results With These TidBits from Mailchimp

  Big shoutout to Mailchimp for compiling some awesome research on email marketing. Here’s four nuggets of wisdom. Check out this page for all the details – Having less words in an email, with a good link, is more effective than many words. Get to the point. Don’t purchase emails. Build your own list organically […]

Email Marketing Wars: ReachMail Takes A Shot At The Competition With Free Email Campaign

Compared to all possible methods of promoting your business through the internet, such as search engine marketing, online advertising and social media marketing, email marketing is believed to be one of the most efficient, effective and budget friendly. Email marketing can be used create awareness of a product or service, announce promotions or simply strengthen […]

Boost Your Bottom Line With These Two Essential Online Marketing Tips

Email marketing leader Constant Contact has recently released a list containing a set of insights and trends for small businesses for 2013. These trends revolve around the emergence of SoLoMo (the integration of social media, local merchants using location-aware technology, and mobile device usage), which allows merchants to tailor their marketing efforts – such as […]

5 Email Marketing Services You Can Consider Using To Nurture Customers

Read Ramon’s full list of email marketing services on OPEN Forum E-mail marketing is one of the best ways to nurture relationships with customers and potential customers. Although social media is hot, e-mail marketing has an important role to play in online marketing and content distribution. Why e-mail marketing is important Speed: It’s instantaneous. Efficiency: […]