Using a CRM to Connect Your Marketing Dots [Video]

  I recently had the opportunity to appear on the Plus Your Business show, hosted by Google+ expert Martin Shervington to talk about the importance of small business marketing and technology tools that every small business can use, specifically CRM systems. During the fun-filled and informative 30-minute conversation, Martin and I covered many topics relevant to […]

3 Experts Discuss Marketing Automation: The Dangers and Best Practices of CRM

CRM is a buzz word used by all the geeks to describe a technology and process where you mange your inbound leads, sales process and post sale as related to your customers and prospects. Join a discussion hosted by Profound cloud (technology consulting company) with Gene Marks and Ramon Ray Check out the discussion here.

3 Things Amazon Can Teach Us About Marketing Automation

As with any business process, the most efficient method of delivery and execution is through automation. This theory holds true with certain marketing processes, as well. Marketing automation is the system and process that enables businesses to automate, in full or part, the repetitive tasks in their marketing and sales processes. These tasks could include […]