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Having A Mobile Website is Crucial: Wix Develops New Product To Make That Simple

Every business is looking for a way to build a better mousetrap. Wix.com, a company that allows users to create dynamic DIY websites, is trying to do just that with building a mobile website. As I’ve covered before, formatting websites to fit a mobile platform is an increasingly important in this age of smartphones and […]


Mobile Card Readers Let Any Business Accept Plastic – Even Those On The Go!

A 2010 Federal Reserve study showed an increase in the percentage of consumers making non-cash payments. They found consumers reaching to plastic alternatives like debit, credit and pre-paid cards instead. If you’re a small business owner who has relied on paper currency, it’s time to update your technology and offer customers payment options that work […]

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The Mobile Divide: Survey Shows Split Between Small Businesses Using and Avoiding Mobile Technology

Mobile technology usage has skyrocketed in recent years, changing the way consumers communicate and access the internet, and the way companies do business. In fact, many research groups have been projecting that in just a year or two there will be more mobile internet users than desktop users. Large companies have tuned into this changing […]

Citrix Launch New Video Conferencing Tools With GoToWebcast

California tech company Citrix has launched its latest video conferencing tool for businesses, GoToWebcast, which allows professionals to efficiently broadcast large scale events. The webcasting tool is available on subscription and gives the user access to unlimited live audio and video presentations as well as making the content available on demand. GoToWebcast, which can reach […]