Smart Hustle Recap: Entrepreneur Advice to Grow Your Small Business

Smart Hustle Recap: Smart Hustle Conference, Digital Tools for Small Business & More

In this edition of the Smart Hustle Recap, we want to talk about an amazing upcoming event for small business owners – the Smart Hustle Conference, which will be held on October 20th in New York City! The official announcement came out recently, so we’re covering the event in our Recap, along with other articles […]

The Mobile Divide: Survey Shows Split Between Small Businesses Using and Avoiding Mobile Technology

Mobile technology usage has skyrocketed in recent years, changing the way consumers communicate and access the internet, and the way companies do business. In fact, many research groups have been projecting that in just a year or two there will be more mobile internet users than desktop users. Large companies have tuned into this changing […]

NYU Offers Free App That Teaches Mobile Marketing Course On Your Phone

Mobile marketing is a fast growing area, with changes hitting the major advertising platforms like Google Adsense and Facebook. With the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, knowing how to market toward these users will be increasingly critical as we march forward into our brave new multi-screen worlds. To educate more business owners about […]

Twitter Advertising 101: 8 Things to Know About Advertising Your Business on Twitter

Recently, Twitter announced it was ramping up its business offerings, providing more targeted ad placements to better reach customers. The changes are in response to customer demand, with many small businesses long having clamored for a better way to reach customers on the second most popular social media site. With its nemesis, Facebook, so successfully […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Add A Mobile Text Campaign To Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Running a business today is certainly not as simple as it used to be in the” pre “social media and mobile technology era.  Besides the usual components of setting up shop, ensuring supply of goods or services, hiring the right people, prospecting customers and finally making a sale, businesses must also engage clients via their […]

ReachLocal’s Success Expands to Businesses That Use It

Tim Britton had a store full of radio-controlled vehicles, airplanes, and more. Already experiencing success locally with his store, RC Hobbies, Britton wanted to expand his customer base nationwide, so he contacted ReachLocal. Soon after his ReachLocal campaign began, Britton began seeing an increase in foot traffic, online orders, and calls for information. “ReachLocal statistics […]