Better and Easier Wifi Management with Linksys Cloud Manager

Managing a network is important, especially a wireless network. For businesses that are growing and have more than one office, they need to quickly deploy a network and get up and running. It’s also VERY important that the network is security. A secure network is imperative. Today Linksys announced the Linksys Cloud Manager, a cloud-hosted WiFi Management […]

New Network Security Appliance for Small Networks: SecuGate+

Network security is essential. Without it hackers and other evil people can access your network, malware can infect your computers and your mobile devices could be carriers of virus laden attachments. A new security solution, SecuGate+ is on the market and it looks promising. Its features include a managed security solution (so humans monitor your […]

8 Simple Steps To Network Security and Protecting Your Small Business

Brought to you by AVG Technologies, the provider of Internet and mobile security, privacy and optimization to 150 million active users. There’s nothing small about small business in our eyes. Get more information on how AVG can help your small business stay protected – go to    8 Simple Steps To Network Security and […]

Network Security: What Every Business Owner Must Know

Today, networks are literally running the world. Every bank transaction you make nowadays goes through a network cable. The reliability and stability of digital products sometimes lulls people into an unhealthy sense of security, and the consequences can be catastrophic especially for businesses. While network security in your home might consist of getting your hands […]

Security Matters: Simplify Your Network Security with nCircle PureCloud

The lights went out! A cybercriminal has penetrated an online clothing website. The website’s owner goes here and there from computer to computer trying to fight back and regain control. Over the past few years, there has been an increase in cybercrime and hacking incidents, leading to frantic situations like the one described. We all […]