How A Hot Sauce Company Is Using Windows 365 for a Modern Workplace

Today at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s event for its partners, CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the need for the evolution of the modern workplace. A workplace that’s defined by companies leveraging technology to enhance productivity and be more secure. We’ll have more about Garner Foods coming up on Amongst other initiatives, Microsoft will continue its […]

Ramon’s Day At Microsoft Headquarters. 8 Things To Know About Microsoft and Your Business

    A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a day at Microsoft headquarters. I was joined by a handful of other small business influencers (that’s what larger companies call those of us who speak, write, author, and etc – all focused on the small business market). During our day together, my […]

Office 365 Nation Fall Conference: Finally a Conference Dedicated to Office 365!

Large companies have been using (and loving!) Microsoft Office 365 for years now, but popularity has been quickly growing among small business owners. The reason is simple – small businesses need to work, connect and collaborate on the go, within a platform that is reliable and can keep their data safe. For many small businesses, […]

New Service Helps Small Businesses Migrate to Office 365

Many of today’s small businesses were formed long before Microsoft released Office 365 to the public in 2011. Those businesses are working from a desktop version of the software, costing hundreds of dollars per workstation and requiring manual installation. In 2013, as those businesses see their versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access becoming outdated, […]

7 Things Small Businesses Can Expect From the Microsoft Office 365 Upgrades

Microsoft Office 2013 is coming, leaving users of Microsoft’s Cloud-based office suite, Office 365, wondering what changes they will see. Whether your small business is considering switching to 365 or you’re already using it, there are some exciting new features that could help automate some of your more time-consuming activities. As EnPoint points out on […]

Microsoft Office Announces Affordable Cloud-Based Solutions

When computers first entered the office environment, there was one way to get Office products. The office spent hundreds of dollars per license for each user and someone installed it individually on each PC. But in recent years, the office environment has changed, with many workers needing to access files on tablet PCs and smartphones. […]