Approachable Accounting: FreshBook’s New Take on Small Business Accounting

FreshBooks , has traditionally offered a very SIMPLISTIC cash flow process to small businesses. It’s evolving and is now introducing a full-blown “industry-standard, double-entry accounting” via the FreshBook’s platform, with a TWIST. Double-entry Accounting (Just in case you are wondering what it is!) Double-entry accounting is a standard industry practice that balances cash transactions across […]

Four Reasons To Consider One Of These Three Cloud-Based Accounting Apps

One of the most time-consuming aspects of running a business is managing daily expenses and revenue streams. Hiring someone to do the job is certainly an option, but it can still prove to be cumbersome for the business owner to keep a tally. Alternatively, small businesses should consider acquiring a cloud accounting app .Cloud accounting […]

Start-Up Spotlight: Talibro Brings A Fresh New Look To Online Accounting Software

Each week at we will begin showcasing a new startup that is contributing something to the technology world for small businesses.  This week our spotlight is falling on Talibro, an online, double-entry accounting software as a service for small and medium sized businesses that was launched on October 16, 2012 by Talibro LLC, a US […]

App of the Week: Manilla

I’ve never been a big fan of those online accounting programs. They’ve always been difficult to use, and none of them have my bank (this week’s App of the Week is not exception). However, Manilla has been surprisingly easy to use, and might change my mind about this using on online accounting program. In just […]

Xero Touch

Need Easy Online Accounting for Your Small Business? Try this week’s App of the Week.

If you’re looking for a simple, smart and elegant online accounting solution for your small business, Xero has made it’s offering more enticing with the release of its iPhone app, Xero Touch, this week’s App of the Week. Xero creates what it calls “beautiful accounting software,” and it really does step away from drab spreadsheets […]