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Local Business Leads: Quality, Conversion and ROI – Interview with ReachLocal CEO Sharon Rowlands

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sharon Rowlands, CEO at ReachLocal, to discuss the importance of local marketing for small business, how to generate more local business leads and, more importantly convert those leads to actual sales. One of the factors we discussed is how to not only generate effective business leads, […]

One Reason Why Twitter Advertising Beats Facebook Advertising: Postmortem Ad Analysis

I’ve advertised on both Twitter and Facebook, to promote various projects. Yesterday, I paid $100 to promote my post about #ICON14 speakers , I used Twitter to advertise. The $100 spent generated 32,000 views, about 700 clicks and 4 engagements (reTweets). The engagement is where you can see if your campaign resonates – mine clearly did […]