GoDaddy Hosting & Ecommerce Review: A Great Option for SmallBiz Owners

GoDaddy Hosting & Ecommerce Helps SmallBiz Owners Set Up an Online Presence

This article was written in partnership with GoDaddy, a company that offers domain name registration as well as hosting and ecommerce services to help you develop your online presence. The phrase rings out on websites all over the Internet – if you’re a business, “you HAVE to be online!” Although most small business owners will […]

Tips to Help Your Business Build a Winning Ecommerce Store

Whether you’re starting up a new business or own an existing brick-and-mortar location, you’ve likely considered setting up an online store to reach a wide customer base. If you’re considering selling products or services online, there are two things you should know: There has never been a better time for e-commerce. It has never been […]

4 Tips on Improving Online Sales to Niche Customer Segments

It may come as a surprise but children heading back to school and college is the second biggest retail spending occasion (after the winter holidays). According to a National Retail Federation Survey (NRF) conducted in July this year across 5635 consumers, families of back-to-school kids will be spending an average of $688 on apparel, shoes, supplies and […]

5 Ways Businesses Can Boost E-Commerce Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday season is racing towards us and it’s imperative for your bottom line that purses are willing to open when they get to your website. According to Time’s Moneyland, the upgraded National Retail Federation’s  forecast recorded at least 2.8% increase leading to $469.1 billion overall sales in 2011. Online shopping alone galloped by 15%, and […]

Four Ways To Boost Sales When Selling Online

The e-commerce business model has seen some phenomenal successes in the recent years and gives both big and small business incentive to have an online presence.  Website owners need to adopt the right technologies for good business processes. In fact, Dale Cook, Product Marketing Manager at Serif, a popular web design firm, suggests, “Including these […]