How to Use the Most Powerful Sales Tool: YouTube

In baseball utility players are never the stars; they’re pretty good at everything, but don’t excel in anything. In content marketing, the story is different. According to a study conducted by Aol Platform, when it comes to online sales, YouTube works best at the beginning of the sales cycle and also as the “closer.” In […]

Video Is Now Essential In Marketing. Check Out This One Stop Shop For Business Video Production

Does your business need a video? An ad, a profile, an explainer? SoMedia Networks wants to be your first and last call to get the job done. This Vancouver startup says they can cut video production costs by 50 per cent with their services and they’ve partnered with 3,400 videographers across North America in order […]

Video Is Becoming Essential: How To Get Your Piece of The Virtual Spotlight

With the advent of audio visual, broadcasting and internet technologies, broadcasting has become accessible to all. The various free online video sites such as YouTube and UStream are gaining popularity and stealing viewers away from television. According to a new survey done by Digitas, the top global integrated brand agency, 63% of U.S. adults have browsed through […]