Smart Hustle Recap: Entrepreneur Advice to Grow Your Small Business

Smart Hustle Recap: Do You Need a College Degree? Plus Content and PR Tips

Recently on Smart Hustle we approached a very interesting topic, a topic on which I’m sure everyone has their own opinion: do you need a college degree to start and run a business? Or can you find success by taking a non-traditional path? Gather your thoughts and then check out our interview with Charles Bonfiglio […]

Can You Pitch to Reporters on Social Media?

Small business owners are often urged to network online, using sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to forge professional connections that help them as they build their businesses. As professionals strive to gain as much exposure as possible both online and through media outlets, many wonder if social media could be a great way to connect […]

Are Your Publicity Efforts Failing? 3 Surefire Ways to Find PR Success

The lines between advertising, marketing and public relations have always been a little blurred, with many firms providing a combination of two or more of the services. But the Internet has almost removed the lines completely, as advertisers reach out to customers on social media and press releases begin to make appearances in search engine […]

Looking for Buzz About Your Business? 10 Tips To Better Marketing and Publicity for Your Business

We all want MORE customers. How to get MORE customers is what’s the challenge. You can advertise (online or offline), have people tell others about your business (word of mouth), generate content that will encourage potential customers to check out your products or services (content marketing), or you can get the media to talk about […]