Why I Cautiously Switched To QuickBooks Online and You Should Move Your Accounting Online Too.

I work in a 99.9% online software (cloud computing) based environment. Very little computer installed software. All my data is backed up through one or more means and all (almost all) the software I use is via  web browser. The ONLY main software that I use “offline”  (installed on a computer) is Microsoft Office and […]

Quickbooks Online Releases iPad App To Keep On-The-Go Business Owners Productive

There’s a huge demand from small (and large) business owners for apps that make their lives easier. App developers have risen in huge numbers to fulfill the demand. We recently ran a list of apps that can really make a difference in the traveling businessperson’s life. Just as DocuSign went from being just a computer […]

Big Data (aka Business Intelligence) Part 1: Big Data Can Mean Big Bucks for Small Business

Trends and numbers are always around us, but for many business owners vital information often goes unnoticed because most professionals simply don’t know how to fully use the data they have. Business intelligence is a relatively new field which allows businesses to collect, maintain, and organize knowledge pertaining to virtually any field imaginable. Samples of […]

Quickbooks Online Goes Global: Vendors (US) or “Suppliers” (UK)?

Intuit’s Alana Vieira (Quickbooks Online, Marketing Manager) speaks with Ramon Ray (Smallbiztechnology.com) abut Intuit Quickbooks Online going global. Global features include: the ability to include local sales tax local languages term sensitivity (such as calling suppliers, “suppliers” in the UK instead of “vendors” as we do in the US).   Check out our video interview […]