3 Reasons SearchYourCloud Is A Solid Solution for Cloud Document Search And Retrieval

Storing documents is becoming easier with a variety of cloud options from Box.net to Dropbox to Rackspace and many others in between.  Most of them offer great storage for file documents and some are even free up to a certain size limit.  This makes storing files, which use to require an external drive of some […]

Rackspace’s Cloud Certification Program – Cheesy or Useful for IT Professionals?

Rackspace recently launched a Cloud Computing Certification program so that IT professionals can learn more about cloud computing and show their proficiency in it through taking a 10 quizzes with 10 questions each and a 50 question final exam. So many IT professionals already know quite a bit about cloud computing and many are learning on the […]

Need Access To Your Desktop Computer From Anywhere? Connect Through The Cloud With nDesktop from Nivio

There is nothing more frustrating than sitting down to give a presentation to a perspective client and realizing that you have left your product presentation file on your desktop at the office with no way to access it. Now what do you do? Fortunately, you can avoid this problem with an on-demand cloud desktop solution- […]

Microsoft and Google: 3 Misconceptions That Microsoft Wants You To Know About

Many business use Microsoft Outlook and related communication services to power their businesses. Many  businesses also use Google Apps. While Google Apps is cheaper, dollar for dollar, there are many reasons why businesses have not switched to Google Apps and opted to continue with Microsoft. Microsoft believes that many businesses have some misconceptions about Microsoft […]

12HoursOfTech Launches at NY Internet Week With 9 Experts

On the occasion of NY Internet Week Smallbiztechnology.com organizes the second 12HoursOfTech 12HoursOfTech is an all day gathering of experts, hosted at Microsoft New York City Offices, who share practical insight how growing businesses can better leverage technology as a powerful tool to grow their businesses even further. Technology will always be a challenge for […]