Smart Hustle Recap: Marketing via Word-Of-Mouth, Instagram Stories, and Videos

Smart Hustle Recap: Marketing via Word-Of-Mouth, Instagram Stories, and Videos

Earlier in 2016, Smart Hustle conducted its first survey to understand the goals and challenges of Smart Hustle readers. One solid finding that emerged was that our small business readers are very concerned about marketing: marketing strategy was listed as a top challenge and survey takers said they were eager to learn more via additional […]

Overwhelmed by Marketing? New Survey Shows Just How Tough Small Business Marketing Is

Marketing is of utmost importance to small business owners, but it is also one of the most challenging parts of running your business. Which marketing strategies should you use? Who should handle your marketing? How do you fit marketing in a small business budget? And is your marketing even effective? If you’ve ever been overwhelmed […]

Facebook Schmoozing Small Business to Sell More Ads

If you are a small business, odds are that you have a Facebook page set up for your business to help promote your products and services and to interact with your customers and clients. And while the platform provides many marketing advantages to businesses, in many ways it fell short, mostly because Facebook’s focus for […]

Infusionsoft Announces the Addition of New Products at ICON15

Infusionsoft, the leading sales and marketing software for small businesses, announced today at #ICON15, their 9th annual small business conference, the addition of several new products designed to make small businesses more successful. With more than 30,000 customers and 100,000 users worldwide, Infusionsoft plays a vital role in the growth of their small business partners. […]

How to Use the Most Powerful Sales Tool: YouTube

In baseball utility players are never the stars; they’re pretty good at everything, but don’t excel in anything. In content marketing, the story is different. According to a study conducted by Aol Platform, when it comes to online sales, YouTube works best at the beginning of the sales cycle and also as the “closer.” In […]

5 Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work (Just In Case You Don’t Win the $25K Marketing Makeover Contest)

When it comes to small business marketing, everybody wants to know what WORKS, but defining that is easier said than done. The perfect formula is different for everyone because it’s not just a small business marketing strategy, but rather taking that strategy and customizing it to your own business. That’s what makes the prize in […]

NYC Event: From Marketing to Management – Finding the Right Customers and Keeping Them for Life!

New market realities have businesses changing faster than ever. The post-recession consumer dominated climate has created new opportunities and new obstacles for small business owners. How do you maneuver your way through while gaining market share and build a great customer base? Come and find out in our exciting and engaging NYC event: From Marketing […]

NYC Event: The New Old School – How To Grow Your Business with Flyers, Signage and Booths in the Digital Age

  Flyers don’t work anymore, right? Actually… they do! At this NYC event, you’ll learn why old-school marketing tactics like flyers, signage, and booths are still great ways to reach new customers and how to connect them with online tools to create massive results for your business.         Date: Tuesday, November 12th […]