Four Simple Steps To Protecting Your Mobile Device and Data While Traveling

Brought to you by AVG Technologies, the provider of Internet and mobile security, privacy and optimization to 150 million active users. There’s nothing small about small business in our eyes. Get more information how AVG can help your small business stay protected – go to .   Are you afraid of putting a foot out the door […]

Provide A Positive Mobile Shopping Experience Or Your Customers Will Flee! (Infographic)

It’s hard to find anyone these days who doesn’t own a smartphone.  And it’s even more difficult to find people who aren’t using those smartphones to help with every aspect of their life, including shopping.  71% of smartphone owners say they shop using their mobile device, but alarmingly, 88% of those who shop on their […]

Syncing Contacts Is A Whole Lot Easier With These New Tech Tools

A key area to success in business is keeping contacts, emails and appointments organized.  It can, however, become a daunting and time-consuming task.  Applications that can ease and speed up the process are worth investigating. Newer and more seasoned companies offer services to ease your organizational ills.  Take Plaxo, an experienced team that has provided […]

Three Reasons A Prepaid Expense Card Might Be The Best Solution For Controlling and Managing Expenses

For businesses (such as event management, consultants, contractors  and fleet vehicle services) or specific organizational functions such as sales, which require employees to be constantly traveling, meeting people and entertaining clients, prepaid expense cards are a convenient way to track daily expenses.  Be it a business lunch, quick stop-over at a café  on the way […]