Amazon Fire Phone: Why Retail Businesses Better Take Notice and Strengthen Their Customer Relationships

Yesterday, Amazon unveiled it’s newest innovation and product – the Fire Phone smartphone.  With cool features including holographic images, hands-free scrolling and software that can recognize items viewed through the camera lens, this smartphone looks like an amped up version of those that exist on the market today. But appearances can be deceiving – and […]

Starbucks New Technology Offering Serves As Great Lesson in Innovation. Here are 5 Innovative Ideas for Your Business!

Starbucks is launching new technology in their coffee shops. Believe it or not, this technology has nothing to do with the coffee business, but it WILL bring in more sales. The technology is a new tabletop phone charging system. The technology is designed so that customers can set their cell phone down on a designated […]

4 Ways Small Business Can Profit from Google Glass and Augmented Reality

The future is in the eye of the beholder… literally.  With a great deal of excitement surrounding its release, this January Google Glass is expected to be sold to the general population.  The glasses incorporate augmented reality technology and will allow the user to give commands to a wearable computer in the form of digital eyewear. […]

10 Tools For Managing Business Cards and Exchanging Contacts in the Digital Age

While smartphones have made collecting contact information easy, business cards remain the easiest, quickest way to exchange data with business associates. But today’s busy executives have found ways to bring technology to the mix. For traditionalists, this means easily organizing data from the cards collected each day. For more modern business professionals, technology brings an […]

Food Trucks and Technology: How The Trucks Roll With Technology To Find and Serve Customers

  Food trucks have quickly become a hot item in many large cities across the U.S., with anxious customers wrapping down sidewalks in front of their favorite truck. We watch food truck competitions on television and many people will spend extra time tracking down their favorite truck location just for that special bite of food. After […]