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Why Credit Card Swipe Wars Are A Trojan Horse For Small Business Mobile Payments

So is the latest company to offier a credit card swipe processing system to small businesses. Other vendors include Square, Intuit, PayPal, Apriva and others. The mobile payments market is big and large companies want to ensure small businesses are using their services. The big difference these vendors offer is the fees they charge […]

Mobile Card Readers Let Any Business Accept Plastic – Even Those On The Go!

A 2010 Federal Reserve study showed an increase in the percentage of consumers making non-cash payments. They found consumers reaching to plastic alternatives like debit, credit and pre-paid cards instead. If you’re a small business owner who has relied on paper currency, it’s time to update your technology and offer customers payment options that work […]

Square Awards $200K To Small Business Owners

Companies like Square have changed how business gets done with technology like Square Wallet.  They provide services so a small businesses can process transactions right from a customer’s Apple or Android mobile device. Because of their growth in recent years, Square recently gave back to some of their clients they believe are focused on job growth and entrepreneurship. In February, the company announced […]