New Survey Finds Digital Technology Usage Linked to Small Business Growth

New Survey Finds Digital Technology Usage Linked to Small Business Growth

Technology has many benefits for small businesses. It can make your operations more efficient, more productive and can also reduce costs. But does a business’s technology use actually impact its growth? A new study from SAP SE says yes – small and medium enterprises that have embraced digital technology experience faster growth than companies who […]

Overwhelmed by Marketing? New Survey Shows Just How Tough Small Business Marketing Is

Marketing is of utmost importance to small business owners, but it is also one of the most challenging parts of running your business. Which marketing strategies should you use? Who should handle your marketing? How do you fit marketing in a small business budget? And is your marketing even effective? If you’ve ever been overwhelmed […]

Capital One Study Shows Small Biz Have Challenges But Also Big Opportunities

  Despite some small business owners feeling less positive about the economy and growth compared to earlier this year, Capital One’s Spark Business Barometer, an ongoing survey measuring the perceptions, trends and financial conditions of small business owners also found that even amid the current economic climate, women and millennial-owned businesses have a positive outlook. […]

New Survey Reveals 4 Small Business Owner Types: Freedom, Passion, Survivor, Legacy.

In a brand new, substantive survey, four types of small business owners were uncovered in the 2014 Infusionsoft Small Business Market Survey. The survey research results show that the four types of small business owners are freedom seekers, passionate creators, struggling survivors or legacy builders. It’s important to look at the WHY you started your business […]

Facebook’s User Experiments Should Teach You The Value of Surveying Your Customers

Facebook is in hot water for how it’s gone about experimenting on its users. We covered this on 3TechGuys Show, syndicated to Fox Business. However, everyone agrees that Facebook’s research has provided invaluable insight to science. The two lessons you, small business owners should learn are: 1. Survey, with permission, your users and gain insight […]

Social Media Exposed: Which Platform Is Best for Your Business and How to Get the Most From It

A recent survey by Brandify looked at over 20,000 small business websites to find out how these businesses are using social media. Specifically, they were looking at which social media links were embedded on the home pages of small business owners. They divided the small businesses into web-based and local (brick and mortar) in order […]