4 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Conference Call More Productive and Crystal Clear

In today’s world of the telecommuter and virtual worker, conference calls are a constant, crucial form of business communication. While technology has given us the ability to make these conference calls more dynamic by connecting dozens of folks via video, the reality is that audio conferencing is the most affordable way to conduct a conference […]

5 Ways to Build Collaboration Beyond Company Walls to End “Remote Work” Myths

There’s been a lot of talk in business circles about the pros and cons of “remote work.” Phrased in that way, the discussion is nearly moot. Employees who work beyond the confines of company headquarters should not feel remote or removed from the work that happens on site, particularly now that so many technology tools […]

Three Solutions That Let You Control Your Video Conference From Your Keyboard

Video conferencing systems are opening up communication between small businesses and their clients, preventing the need to travel in order to have a face-to-face conversation. As technology has evolved, however, businesses are still struggling to launch and manage phone calls, whether they’re video-chatting from their cubicles or launching a video call in a conference room […]

Video Conference Etiquette: The Simple Do’s and Dont’s

Companies large and small are now seeing both the productive and financial benefits of video conferencing for their meetings. Not only does video conferencing cut down the budget for expensive business trips, it also allows for more engaging interaction and input from peers across the globe that may not have been available to contribute otherwise. […]

Cisco TelePresence: You’ll Never Miss a Business Meeting Again

Telecommunication enables people to get together for district business meetings while saving time, money and the carbon emission associated with physical travel. When companies are under great pressure to cut their business travel costs, particularly due to slow down in economy, Cisco TelePresence could prove to be a well-planned path to location-free communication. Cisco, a […]