Using Technology to Keep Employees Connected and Productive through the Winter

  During winter, employees might be finding it difficult to stay plugged in at work. Kicking off the cold weather with the holidays, then entering the new year with the flu season and an inevitable slew of snow and ice storms, business owners are turning to cloud-based technology to maintain employee productivity. Cloud-based services, including cloud unified communication […]

Small Business IP Phone Services: A Guide To Choosing The Right System For Your Business

Up until the ’90s, phone systems were very boring. They simply weren’t anything you ever had a conversation about. So much has changed since then, and you’ll notice how much enthusiasm is expressed now by people who have the know-how on telecommunications. Phones have never failed to maintain their title as the most monumental devices, […]

New Phone System That Fosters Human Relationships And Makes Your Customers Feel Special

Most people calling any business much prefer a human to interact with, but even better is to have a human that knows what they’re talking about. Who likes explaining their situation or needs two or more times to different people? The easiest way to lose a customer is to lose your focus on them and […]

Does Your Phone System Popup Customer Information When They Call?

Phone systems are pretty boring. Sure, companies, such as M5 Networks or Ring Central provide outsourced phone systems that do all sorts of fancy things. One of these “fancy things” that can increase productivity and customer relations is to have your customer contact information popup on your computer screen when the phone rings. These features are also […]