How A Virtual Server Can Keep Your Business on Track During a Disaster

Technology in this day and age is an integral part of any business, large or small. With each employee comes another set of costs: a new PC, a tablet, a smart phone, dedicated email, each chipping away at the servers that contain everything. Perhaps your business requires a few servers, a few dozen, a few […]

3 Benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) And Why It Might Be A Great Solution For Your Business

The jury is in on the traditional on-premise virtualization environment: It’s expensive and hard to set up. There are several complex steps to take and security measures to consider. Despite the advantages of taking a desktop everywhere you go, this kind of operation tends to cannibalize small enterprises from the inside out. But what if […]

Is The Virtual Desktop Environment The Next Wave Of Business Technology?

Virtualization is a relatively new concept that puts all of the operations of every computer within a company into a centrally-managed data center, allowing that company to save significantly on IT maintenance and quickly change or upgrade the resources used by the firm. Basically, instead of running 50 computers (as an example), each with its […]