Rawstream – New Internet Monitoring Software Services Lets Employers Manage Internet Use

If you’re considering enabling an internet monitoring software  services for your employees, there’s a new service, Rawstream that you might want to check out. Rawstream gives businesses peace of mind by identifying how much time employees spend on Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, even downloading movies overnight with office bandwidth (it actually happens). Rawstream also identifies shared docs […]

3 Benefits of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) And Why It Might Be A Great Solution For Your Business

The jury is in on the traditional on-premise virtualization environment: It’s expensive and hard to set up. There are several complex steps to take and security measures to consider. Despite the advantages of taking a desktop everywhere you go, this kind of operation tends to cannibalize small enterprises from the inside out. But what if […]

Is Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Secure?

We’ve all read about the dangers of using public wi-fi hotspots. In short, wi-fi hotspots usually offer no security at all. Wi-fi providers become so intent on offering customers the ability to connect, security is an afterthought. With hotspots becoming more common, and users hopping on with smartphones and tablets in addition to laptops, those […]