The Pros and Cons of Remote Work and Combating Loneliness Among Telecommuters

Today’s small businesses rarely look like the quaint mom-and-pops of 50 years ago. From basement-run carpentry workshops to home-office design studios, small-business headquarters can be anywhere their employees are, from the living room to the local Starbucks. For some small businesses, remote work is essential for balancing the budget. Office spaces are expensive to rent, […]

‘The Office’ Finale Marks the End of the Traditional Office. 3 Rules For The Office of 2013.

When The Office debuted in 2005, the American workplace was still a sea of cubicles, with workers typing away on keyboards connected to tower-style desktop PCs. In the eight years that followed, the workforce shifted dramatically, trending toward tablets and smartphones–which didn’t yet exist in 2005. Today, offices are still evolving, and the traditional office […]

Work Is Not A Place: Why Flexible Work Options Work

When Yahoo! decided to axe their work-from-home options for their employees, we talked about best practices for making work-from-home work. But we didn’t talk about the benefits of flexible work options for your employees. Citrix Senior Vice President, Brett Caine, recently noted in a blog post that “today’s workplace is increasingly not about a specific place […]