The Crack Down on Online Reviews: The Good, Bad and Ugly Every Small Business Needs To Know

Keeping current customers delighted and finding new ones are inexorably intertwined. Generating favorable word of mouth endorsements – one satisfied customer telling another potential customer about a great experience, service received or purchase made – is the most effective way to finding new customers. Thanks to the prevalence of online reviews and customer ratings, it […]

Survey Shows Social Media Marketing Expanding Well Beyond Facebook

Marketing is a huge concern for all small businesses. Even if you have a great product or offer outstanding service, you’re not likely to succeed unless you can get your message out to consumers. To make matters worse, marketing is tricky because it changes so quickly. Traditional advertisements such as direct mail, in-print, radio, and […]

Small Businesses Struggling To Keep Up With Web Evolution – Infographic

I have often wondered, for all the talk of importance of social media marketing today, of how affordable and accessible internet marketing has become, what really lies at the heart of marketing efforts of most small businesses? Are small business owners really convinced on the potential online marketing holds for them? And what are the […]

Five Online Advertising Tools to Help Small Businesses Reach Local Customers

Small businesses often need only reach customers within a small radius. Until recently, these businesses simply placed ads in local newspapers and through local TV and radio stations to reach those customers. But with the rapid growth of social media marketing and online advertising services, local businesses are left looking for ways to narrow marketing […]

Tello Simplifies Customer Feedback So You Know Immediately How Your Company Is Doing

The statistics have been well publicized. More than 90% of dissatisfied customers never let the business know it. They simply leave and never come back. They do, however, let other people know about it…often for many years. Those friends tell other friends, widening the circle of influence to possibly hundreds. Thanks to social media and […]