We have some exciting new opportunities to reach growing businesses (small and medium sized companies) through partnering with Smallbiztechnology.com.

Smallbiztechnology.com’s mission is to educate small and medium sized businesses (100 employees and under) on how to use technology as a tool to grow their businesses.

By partnering with Smallbiztechnology.com, you’ll introduce growing businesses to your products and services through our unique approach to educating businesses:

High impact. High energy. Highly Informative.

For example, every year Smallbiztechnology.com produces the annual Small Business Summit. This March 16, 2010 was its fifth year! The full day event in New York City attracted 500 attendees, repeat sponsors (including Dell, Intuit, Microsoft, Google, American Airlines), media attendance, local partner organizations, Seth Godin as a keynote speaker and so much more.

In addition to producing live and online events, Smallbiztechnology.com publishes original content including news, feature articles, interviews, and video about technology for growing businesses.

Part of what makes us different is that we work with our sponsors toward their own specific goals in reaching the small business community. We’d love to help you reach yours.

Click here for a partial list of sponsors we’ve worked with.

Why sponsor?

You have many options when it comes to generating sales leads and brand awareness for your products and/or services. Smallbiztechnology.com provides you with a unique opportunity and approach that you will not find anywhere else.

Events are specifically produced to generate a special blend of value to attendees, which enables them to leave each event excited, refreshed, informed and happy.

Sponsors (and we have many repeat sponsors) receive value in working with Smallbiztechnology.com through our experience in understanding the small-medium sized business market, intimate awareness of technology and core business solutions (sales, marketing, HR, etc), and a habit of over-delivering to ensure each sponsor receives more than their expected return on investment (such as generating media attention, exposure on Smallbiztechnology.com, and more)

As a trusted, opinionated voice in the small business world, we bring together owners of small-medium sized business and the small business marketers (that’s you) who want to reach them!

Specific Benefits of Partnering with Smallbiztechnology.com

– Generate leads
– Increase sales
– Build customer loyalty
– Obtain publicity through media coverage
– Gather market intelligence to improve sales strategies
– Boost and reinforced awareness of your brand in the small-medium sized business market
– Media coverage of the events provide an additional boost of visibility for your company
– Each event is videotaped and made available online
– Smallbiztechnology.com (and partners) cover the events and provide additional visibility before and after

We WORK with our sponsors throughout the year to achieve THEIR goals in reaching growing businesses.

What are the opportunities?

Sixth Annual Small Business Summit
(New York City, March 2011)

The Sixth Annual Small Business Summit is a full day event, attracting 500 attendees, 20+ exhibitors, keynote speeches, panel discussions, networking, media attendance (including The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, MSNBC, Small Business Trends) and more.

Highlights of the sold out Fifth Annual Small Business Summit included the Hot Tech Demo Awards, in which over 60 companies applied to be awarded the HOT TECH DEMO Award Winner for 2010. 7 companies were chosen.

Technology and Your Business National Tour
(Boston, Virginia/DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Cleveland)

The tour educates growing business around the country on how to grow their business through technology.

This full day event includes keynote speeches, panel discussions, lunch and networking. We anticipate 200 attendees and 10 or more exhibitors in each city.
In addition to the event itself, your brand will be highlighted online through pre and post tour coverage.

Technology and Your Business Pavilion

(New England XPO (Boston), New York XPO (New York), BizTechDay (San Francisco))

Smallbiztechnology.com partners with Event Management (producer of the New England and New York XPO) and BizTechDay producers to host mini-pavilions within their respective shows.

The pavilions consist of a small theater surrounded by a limited number of exhibit booths. The full day agenda features short (15 minute) information sessions and interviews with sponsor executives. 10,000-15,000 attendees attend the XPOs and 1,000 attendees attend BizTechDay

Sponsorship opportunities: pavilion and exhibitor level

Taste of Technology Business Series
(New York City Metro)

The Taste of Technology Business Series (6 times per year) is the ultimate blend of information and networking. 100+ business owners gather at these evening events to educate themselves on a variety of technologies that will help them grow their businesses. Panels of expert speakers discuss a specific topic for each event.
Topics include: Beyond Email Marketing: How Social Media Is Transforming Your Business; Dating Your Leads and Marrying Your Customers: CRM; and more

Technology and Your Business Boot Camp for Growing Companies

(New York City Metro)

Business owners are hungry to better understand how to leverage technology as a tool to grow their businesses. In this all day boot camp, held twice per year, 50 business owners will gather together to learn hands on from experts and gurus in business and technology. Sessions will focus on technology as it relates to customer relations, human resources, security, financial management, marketing (social media, email marketing, web sites) and more.

HOT TECH DEMO for Business
(New York City)

Inaugurated at the Fifth Annual Small Business Summit the quarterly HOT TECH DEMO for Business showcases the latest and coolest technology to business owners, and how it will help them save time, save money, be more productive, increase revenue or build better relations with customers. Each hot tech demo will be videotaped and made available online.

Technology and Your Business Webinars

Smallbiztechnology.com’s webinars provide attendees from around the United States (and the world) an opportunity to educate themselves in a variety of topics in order to use technology as a tool to grow their businesses. Featuring industry experts, Technology and Your Business Webinars continue Smallbiztechnology.com’s tradition of high energy, high impact and highly informative events.
Webinar series includes:
• Email marketing (series of webinars about email and online marketing) – sponsorship opportunity: closed
• Technology and Your Business (range of technology topics)
• Technology Chicken Soup – (tech experts convene to share their insight and provide help to frustrated, curious or just plain smart business owners)