There’s lots of great companies developing services wherein they assist you with a full suite of social media marketing activities.

While there are MANY local experts that help setup your Twitter accounts or get you start on LinkedIn many services are even helping you post online, find content and make you look like a social media rock star. Likeable Local recently launched such a service which I saw launched at a recent New York Tech Meetup

I’ve been looking at another service, Main Street Hub which gives business owners a suite of services to help them be more socially active – it looks pretty good.

Main Street Hub’s services, within various price points includes a hub dashboard to manage your social activity, a service to help you manage what’s said about you on Yelp and Google Plus, a social service which helps you place content on social networks and a service to search customers near your business and market to them.

Services like Main Street Hub are definitely useful for that business owner who has zero time and zero expertise in using social media – but want to quickly start somewhere. What I also like about Main Street Hub is that they are not just a cookie cutter service provider but they focus on a variety of specific industries, such as health car, automotive services and more!

If you have the time to invest in social media or have one of your staff or a smart assistant to post to social media and monitor what’s going on about your business online can you buy generic viagra in australia then you don’t need to outsource your social media marketing. I do think it is worth the money for EVERY business owner to invest a few hours of time with a good online marketing consultant to guide them in how they (the business owner) can better use social media in their business.

Online marketing, including leveraging social media is POWERFUL. It just takes effort, time and simple best practices to do it right.