The Wall Street Journal’s Tanya Rivero did a segment focused on late adopters. Those who are just now buying a tablet, those who just now are getting rid of flip phones – while most of us – have been doing this for years.

For those in business, NOT leveraging technology to it’s fullest potential can be deadly for your business. Customers expect to be served fast and efficiently, employees and partners expect to collaborate and communicate at the speed of “now”.

Must you have the VERY latest technology? No. But if your use of technology is later than 18 months – it’s too late. For example, mobile live streaming gained steam at SXSW (March 2015) with Meerkat, and Periscope gained traction shortly thereafter. Many of the tech elite caught on to mobile live streaming almost immediately.

While live streaming is still fairly new – it’s now – almost a year later beginning to be the norm. So now is the time to consider using live streaming in your business. I’m not saying you must live stream your life – but you MUST consider using it in your business and/or to build your personal brand.

What about smartphones. Must you have the VERY LATEST smart phone? Of course not – but the smart phone you bought 3 – 5 years ago is too slow and too old. Smart phones of 18 months – 2 years ago are faster, have more memory and have more features. Specifications that’ll help you serve your customers better.

Small business owners don’t have to us the LATEST technology – but they must use modern technology.

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