Dental Hygiene Appointment

I have a great dentist. However, they call me all the time to remind me of my dental appointment. If I need to change it around I have to call them or do it when I’m in the office – it’s annoying. It’s annoying because I should be able to take care of appointments without speaking to someone. There are many services that can do this and one of them is by Wix – Wix Bookings.

Wix Bookings affords all types of service providers and merchants the opportunity to maximize new business, boost client satisfaction and increase retention by simplifying the online booking process. Seamlessly integrated into a business’ online presence, Wix Bookings gives service providers an easy-to-use and visually stunning product that offers all the functionality required in an online booking system. The solution syncs with Google Calendar to help business owners keep track of appointments and scheduled classes, send reminders, and even collect payments via PayPal, offering a flexible one-stop-shop for any type of business.

Businesses should continuously evaluate their operations and see how they can leverage technology to be faster, more productive and overall serve their customers better. Online booking tools are make it easy for the business and for the customer.