New Comcast 4-Part Webinar Reveals How to Use Tech to Get a Competitive Advantage

The right technology can give you a competitive advantage over your business competition – but knowing what the right tech is, as well as how to use it, is always a challenge for small business owners. Fortunately, Comcast has created a new 4-part webinar series to dig into this topic and share the tips you need on how to use technology to propel you forward in 2016.

The webinar series, which kicks off on February 11th, is titled “Leveraging Technology to Create a Competitive Advantage.” It will inform, empower and inspire you about the ways technology can be a small business owner’s best friend.

  • Think you can’t compete with the big guys? The right technology will make your company fast and flexible, allowing you to compete head to head with bigger names in your industry.
  • Think you won’t see a big enough benefit from using more tech in your business? As a matter of fact, using technology can help you improve your customer experience, make your daily operations more efficient, and increase your profit potential.
  • Think that technology doesn’t fit in with your business plan? The webinar will help you develop a vision and plan for your technology so it will align perfectly with your business and help you achieve your goals.

The webinar is free and it will be a live, interactive event – moderated by Rob Atkinson of ITIF, with panelists including Ramon Ray (of SmallBizTechnology and Smart Hustle), Gene Marks (of Marks Group PC) and Tom Sweeney (of Comcast Business).

The first part of this thought-provoking series will take place on February 11, 2016 at 1pm EST. You can learn more about it here, and when you’re ready, you can head over to this page to register.

It’s a small business owner’s duty to continually educate himself/herself about the latest business trends – or else risk falling behind. Free webinars such as this one are a perfect way to continue your business education on a small budget. If you want a competitive advantage over others in your industry, this is a must-attend event.