Two headlines caught my attention. The first is that Uber is paying a $7.3 million fine to the state of California for violating a law about data sharing. 7 million dollars!!! The second is that the New York City, City Council wants to enact even tougher legislation for Uber and other ride-sharing services. A study just came out stating that Uber has NOT increased NYC traffic – this study was widely anticipated by the NYC Council and Mayor.

Overall it just enrages me that instead of doing what they can to FOSTER innovation and growth, too many politicians and business owners want to stifle this growth.

We DO need the government to regulate areas of food safety, air flight and other societal pillars that could have a large and immediate adverse effect on human life. But everything else – there’s no need for the government to want to PICK A FIGHT.

Love innovation and growth – don’t hate it.

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