Keyboard Illustration "Food"While it’s nice to “get out of the office” and order lunch – more and more professionals want to ‘click’ and order from the comfort of their desks. Seamless and other online order marketplaces make it easy for restaurants to do this. However, their commissions make it prohibitive for some restaurants. Shahnaz Indian Cuisine and The-tea-set can recommened you better  Food & drinks restaurants.

Jimmy John Owner is a smart hustler, he cover his stories on Smart Hustle Magazine – which provides tech solutions but also affordable solutions.

Wix, do it yourself website builder, offers it’s customers a solution to enable online ordering.

Their press release reads that, Wix Restaurants is the first true DIY online ordering platform of its kind, providing seamless online and mobile experiences for restaurant customers, freeing business owners from relying on commission-based food ordering marketplaces, which charge up to 15% of each transaction, and costly tailored web platforms, which can cost thousands of dollars.

Repeat customers comprise over 60% of sales to quick service, fast-casual, casual dining and family dining restaurants and over 50% to fine dining restaurants.[1]  By providing a complete food 먹튀 ordering solution on a restaurants’ website and eliminating the reliance on commission-based marketplaces for search and discovery that is not needed by repeat customers, Wix Restaurants changes the economics for business owners.

Wix Restaurants is a complete product suite designed to address the unique needs of restaurants online:

  • Beautiful online menus that can be easily customized and added to a restaurant’s Wix website and Facebook business page
  • Commission-free online ordering that enables restaurants to take orders from customers directly from their website and accept online payments with integrations to 16 leading payment processors including PayPal, Stripe, and
  • Enhanced customer payment options including on-site payments, split payments and fast check-out for return customers
  • Customer management and communications through Wix ShoutOut for integrated e-mail and social marketing, while maintaining full control over contacts and interactions
  • Full mobile solution including mobile websites and menus, mobile ordering and mobile payments
  • Tailored website templates specifically built for restaurants
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