Ramon in video shootVideo editing is tough. I’ve created hundreds of videos – some I do on my phone and some I do with a more professional video camera.

But editing is where things get tough.

You can edit video with various mobile editing tools or purchase a computer based video editing tool like Adobe Premier and Final Cut. Your computer comes built in with Windows Video Editor and Mac’s come with iMovie.

I recently saw a new tool, actually a platform, Advids.co and it looks pretty good.

What I like is that there’s a curated list of video editors you can pick from.

While I love UpWork,  Fivver and other platforms for freelance professionals – it’s great to use a platform dedicated to one task. For writers, Writer Acces is like that as well.

How does it work?

  1. Create a budget for your video project
  2. Build a creative brief to outline your target audience and objectives
  3. You’ll get a video producer to help bring your “video team” together
  4. Pay
  5. Track the progress
  6. and your video is done.

One of my favorite video producers is Jimmy Newson and you might have a look (or remote) person to work with. If not, you now have another solution to consider – Advids.co

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