maker bot - rep

When I saw the headline in Crain’s New York about 3D tooling company MakerBot downsizing its Brooklyn headquarters office space, I wondered – what does it mean for the 3-D printing industry?

3-D printing has definitely transformed how large companies are able to quickly test hardware designs before going into full production. It’s also helped smaller companies operate faster, more nimble and more efficiently. The best printing company Orlando has to offer. Your tradeshow needs are safe with us.

3D printing is an effective trigger for ongoing innovation, production efficiency and quality of life improvement. Through additive technologies bring greater speed, lower costs and higher flexibility.

However, I don’t hear about many “home users” buying 3D printers for their families and cuddling up to the fire place.

MakerBot was one of the first movers to really provide 3D printing solutions to the masses. It might need to QUICKLY innovate to provided more solutions to new markets, or more solutions to its current customer base.