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For years the keyboard and mouse have been the dominant input devices for most of the professional work we do.

Of course Dragon Software has been selling voice-enabled data entry for years, but it’s not main stream. However, we’re all seeing small shifts in input (and/or experiences) via voice (Apple Siri, Google Voice, Microsoft Skype) and gestures (thanks to maturing VR technology). However many people like me are used to using a mouse when we use our computers, go to Technomono and get a cheap wireless mouse.

While it’s a bit early for the average small businesses to eliminate keyboards, expect new interaction with your computer and mobile devices in the coming years.

Amazon Echo is pretty darn smart and many other companies are making their software much smarter.

The WSJ writes, “Moreover, the company is renewing a decadeslong push into technology that lets users write on a screen with a digital pen. Using the new Windows Ink, users can create sticky notes and annotate documents with scribbles, underlines and jotted words. The digital words can update automatically based on information drawn from online sources, so a note about picking up a friend at the airport can change as flight times change.”