Smart Hustle Recap: Robert Herjavec Interview, Hiring Tips, & Protecting Your Biz in a DivorceIt was a great week at Smart Hustle, where we tackled a variety of important topics related to small business – growth advice shared in a Robert Herjavec interview, hiring tips for your small business team, and even guidance on the uncomfortable topic of protecting your business in the case of a divorce. You can navigate here for all the detail about divorce attorney.

On Wednesday, May 12, Ramon Ray also had the opportunity to testify to Congress, sharing his experiences and the struggles of small business owners to the Small Business House Committee. You can listen to his testimony here, and for other small business articles, check out our lineup below.

Robert Herjavec Interview – Small Biz Advice from a Shark

Robert Herjavec is known around the country and the world as one of the main investors on ABC’s Shark Tank. Recently, Ramon caught up with Robert and conducted a ‘rapid-fire’ style interview, soliciting his advice on five important small business questions. This Robert Herjavec interview has shark advice on topics such as entrepreneurship, scaling, and business expansion.

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Hiring the Right Team for Your Small Business

No small business owner can do it all themselves – even solopreneurs hire out occasionally for one-off tasks and important projects. Since the success of your business is dependent on the success of your team, it’s important that you hire the right people to begin with. This article shares six tips that will help simplify the hiring process so you can locate the best candidate for the position.

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What Can Happen to Your Biz in a Divorce?

When you’re officially beginning your life together with your partner, the last thing you want to think about is a divorce. Everyone thinks his or her relationship can defy the odds – but taking a more realistic approach could just save your business. As this article points out, a divorce has the power to ruin everything you’ve created, but by taking a few extra steps in your prenup, you can be protected.

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