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I was reading the Wall Street Journals article about how designer Michelle Smith, sketched a dress “Selena” and after seeing the interest on social media, decided to accelerate it’s manufacturing.

The Journal writes, “Over several weeks following Milly’s September show, the Selena dress garnered more than the usual attention on social media, particularly, which showed how often people were sharing photos of it. Ms. Smith posted photos of the Selena alongside other dresses from her collection on Sept. 18 and Oct. 20. Both times, interest in the Selena was strongest. “Dat red sleeve flounce doh,” wrote an Instagram follower whose handle is QueenDemakos. Others asked to buy it immediately.

“That’s the beauty of social media for a retail business. You can gauge people jones-ing for something,” Ms. Smith says.”

This story goes to reinforce and echo the power of social media for big and small brands.

Build a minimal viable product, test it online, gauge the reaction, then sell it appropriately.

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