Capturing video and computer images is pretty easy to do, but doing it with full featured software is even easier – enter Snagit 13. Some of the new features include:

  • New design for the capture tool, including an innovative panoramic scrolling capture that lets users capture images tall or wide
  • Updated editor that increases user efficiency in the tool, as well as a new crop and text tool
  • New animated GIF functionality, allowing users to create a GIF from a video recording
  • Improved image stability, which improves performance when dealing with images with 10 or more items on the canvas
  • New callout shapes, magnifying tool and updated stamps, providing more personalization to anything a user snags
  • New webcam feature, with the ability to toggle between webcam and screen video when recording
  • Redesigned video capabilities, allowing users to capture and create videos without being a video pro

If you often capture images and want to do it better – Snagit 13 looks pretty compelling!