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There’s a lot of places to host and share your videos. As a business owner, you want to create videos as it is the most engaging you to bring your brand to your audience, increase their engagement and make your brand more personal.

Facebook is adding more and more features to Facebook Live, SnapChat is growing and of course YouTube is the “original” video network.

Twitter has been behind, but is releasing an app to help you create and share videos on Twitter.

The Wall Street Journal writes: “Video is becoming increasingly central to the real-time conversations happening on Twitter,” said Twitter CEO and co-founderJack Dorsey, in a statement. ”We’re investing heavily in videos and creators. We want to be the best place for creators and influencers to build an audience and make it easier for creators to make money on Twitter, and soon, Vine.”

If you’re just starting out, overall, it really doesn’t matter where you host your video. What’s MOST important is that your video is informative, engaging and useful to your audience. Having said that, do take some time to know about your audience and where your AUDIENCE lives is where you should host your video.

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