Organizing and hosting events is a powerful way for businesses to strengthen their brands in their local markets, or nationally. A well-organized event with Led screen can generate media attention, bring VIPs together, enable prospective customers to have an occasion to get to know you better and so much more.

Marketing the event can be an arduous activity, but I’ve been using Zapier, EventBrite and Infusionsoft to really make the event marketing process much easier.

Sure events take a lot of work to organize, especially as they get bigger, but the benefits can be well worth it.

Over the past several years I’ve hosted and produced dozens of events. The biggest one is the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference – http://www.smarthustle.com/conference with 400 attendees .

One of the things I wanted to do differently with this event is to not send the same email, asking people to register, to people who have already registered. Conversely, those who have not registered yet, I wanted to be sure to encourage them to register.

Traditionally, event marketers send the same big email blast to everyone in their list instead of segmenting the list and respecting that different people need different messages.

EventBrite is one of the best services to use for overall attendee event registration.

Infusionsoft is one of the best services to use for marketing automation.

Zapier is the best service to use to connect different online services.

So where’s what I do:

Through EventBrite attendees can register to attend the Smart Hustle Small Business Conference.

Once they register, Zapier adds a new record to Infusionsoft tagging the attendee as registered to the conference.

I then use Infusionsoft to send very targeted emails. One set of email prepping registered attendees about what they can expect at the conference. The other set of emails I can send a different message encourage those who haven’t registered to register.

In this example, I’m showing you some ways I do event marketing – but you can use the principles of marketing automation and message segmentation in so many other ways.