Today at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft’s event for its partners, CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the need for the evolution of the modern workplace. A workplace that’s defined by companies leveraging technology to enhance productivity and be more secure.

We’ll have more about Garner Foods coming up on

Amongst other initiatives, Microsoft will continue its focus on artificial intelligence to make day to day work even faster and smarter for professionals.

Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 365 which brings together Office 365, Windows 10 and enterprise security. See the full announcement here.

Furthermore, Microsoft is strengthening its focus on leveraging partners to implement technology solutions and Microsoft spoke quite a bit about Azure – its cloud platform.

Watch my interview with Garner Food, makers of hot sauce and other sauces,  here or below. See how they’re using technology to grow their business, be more productive and be more secure.

Watch my interview with Microsoft GM Catherine Boeger about how Windows 365 brings together, in one place, Microsoft’s offerings for business.