You spend nights tossing and turning in bed wondering how you can attract new customers to your business. Many of us think of social media, a new web site or doing video. These are all great. But don’t forget the importance of the physical look and feel of your business, as well. I’m excited to partner with P&G Professional to share this insight with you.

Have you ever thought about a simple makeover?

That’s right, by implementing a few easy tips, you can transform your uninviting retail business or office into a commercial palace that bustles with new customers, keeps existing ones coming back and makes your staff happy.

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  1. Remove Parking Lot Trash
  2. Clean Bathrooms
  3. Erase Grime from Walls – Tip – Take a few minutes to erase dirt and grime your walls and others surfaces using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
  4. Let the Sun Shine Inside of Your Retail Business
  5. Rock Your Signage
  6. Shiny Floors – Tip – Mix a little cleaner with some warm water and mop the floor. You can also spray a powerful cleaner directly on the floor surface and use a dry mop to remove grime.
  7. Vacuum the Carpet
  8. Checkout Area
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