Customers’ are the back bone to run a successful business. They can make or break the business. There are no signs of any business without its customers’. Customers’ are needed to buy company products and services, for word of mouth advertisement, and to bring more business. Further, they also act as brand advocates, referrals to the friends and family members and write a positive feedback about your business on social media channels as well as on review websites.

But, the main concern lies on how to impress your customers’ for a big time and create positive customer experiences. Follow these simple steps to build positive customer experiences:

Offer Great Customer Service: Customer service is one of the key factors to determine the quality of your business. Generally, customers’ purchase products from your business and if any one of your customer faces issue with the product, then the customer reports the same to the customer service department. If the customer service representative quickly resolves the customer issue, then it creates a positive impression about your company in customer’s mind, builds trust about your brand and happily recommends your business products and services to the friends and family members.

In case, if the customer service representative is not serious in resolving customer issues, then the customer gets irritated and it automatically creates a bad impression about your company in customer’s mind and for the next time, the customer will never buy any products from your business which can ultimately result in the loss of a valuable customer. Therefore, the customer service team needs to be prompt and quick in resolving customer issues, complaints and concerns.

Use CRM for Customer Data Segmentation:
If the incoming lead shows interest in your business in the form of continuous website visits, downloading important PDF files or filling details in the web form which should trigger your business to keep track of lead’s online activities. Try to monitor and record lead’s interactions with the company, social media conversations, browsing history, a number of times the lead has visited your website, what kind of content your lead is interested to share on social media channels and so on. PDF is not the editable documents, but with the software, availability to Convert PDF to Word online makes our takes easier, to make it editable rather than creating the whole document again.

Recording and analyzing of lead’s online activities enables the businesses to segment customers’ into various targeted groups and send them the relevant promotional and marketing content which can evoke the lead’s interest and creates an impression that you take care of your customer needs and preferences and builds a positive impression about your brand.

Provide Value to your Profitable and Loyal Customers: Every day, several customers’ visit your business to buy products and services. But there are only a few customers who are loyal, trust-worthy and stick to your business forever. Despite the odd times, they visit your business store repeatedly to buy new products and services, spread goodness about your business, act as brand advocates, refer your business to friends and family members and create positive vibes about your business on social media channels.

Use CRM software to identify the most profitable customers’ of your business, compile a list of loyal and profitable customer database and send them special personalized thank you messages, discount coupons and reward them for being loyal to your brand for a long period of time.

Generations are changing and nowadays, customers’ are expecting personalized interaction with company. They want the companies to know – who they are, what they have previously purchased, and what are their buying habits, interests, needs and expectations. For businesses to better understand its customers’, it is always important to identify and analyze the customer interactions with company at every stage. Employ the CRM system to have a 360 degree customer view and develop positive and professional in-person customer experiences.

crm - James MaronAuthor Bio: James Maron is an author at SutiCRM. He shares his views on SaaS and Cloud-based business management solutions.


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