How To Know If You Need A Cell Phone Signal Booster On Your Couple Phone Cases

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If you are like me, you have had some really important phone calls happen when you can’t quite get good cellular reception. When you are in a building without good reception or in a part of your house that can not quite get the bars needed to take the call, it is frustrating. If you have spots in your home or office that do not get good reception, can not take calls on your drive or you are having connectivity issues, there are solutions.

How to fix bad cell phone reception in buildings

Cell phone signal boosters are ideal if you have reliable signal outside your building, but poor signal inside. This is also true in your home, if you are not getting a good signal outside of your home, a booster likely will not help well in your home. Boosters help get signal through walls and building materials that block the signal. The optus store nambour provides specialist communication services for your personal and business needs.

Working from home on the internet

It’s not just frustrating to have bad cellular reception indoors when you are working from home, it can be detrimental to your work. In 2017 3.7 million people worked from home in the United States. With those numbers expecting to grow, cell phone signal inside homes will become more important to more people.

Although broadband coverage counteracts some of the need for strong in-home cellular signal, for many people taking work phone calls on their cell phones, poor signal can affect work performance. The best way to improve your service is to use these wireless telecommunications systems. however, if you have a phone, it’s always important to keep it protected with these couple phone cases and keep matching with your partner.

People who drive and cell signal is critical for their jobs face the same problems, particularly those who drive in rural areas or areas with poor signal. Dropped calls from poor cell signal also effect:

  • People who live in rural areas
  • Dead spots in a commute
  • RV owners or truck drivers
  • Uber of Lyft drivers

The cost of dropped calls

The telecommunications industry refers to the dropped-call rate (DCR) as the fraction of phone calls which were cut off before the speaking parties finish their conversation due to technical reasons related to all calls made.

While this can happen for numerous reasons depending on geographical location, carrier and coverage areas, the problem is the source of loss of revenue for some businesses. Each dropped call wastes someone’s time, can frustrate customers and can mean loss of business. For rural areas, dropped calls can affect tourism, travel and mean a less safe environment when traveling, this is one of the main reason why a lot of people having been using wireless telecommunications services instead of the regular service. 

How signal boosters can help

While signal boosters are limited to boosting the signal that exist in their coverage range, they are helpful for dead spots in urban communities or in a highly dense area with materials blocking signal. (buildings, walls, etc.)

If you don’t have a good signal outside, your only option is a femtocell. Femtocells only work if you have internet connectivity. Another option for improving cell phone signal is to use wifi calling. Many modern smartphones have this functionality built into the phone settings. When using wifi calling, the call is happening over the wifi signal and cell phone carrier coverage is not necessary.

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