Technology has changed a lot of things. Not only has it transformed the world, it has transformed the fundamental underlying principles of society. One such area where technology’s impact and role can be visibly seen is the business world. Businesses have to come up with innovative and new ways continuously in order to gain and retain customers. This means that while the customers get to choose which business or brand best suits their needs, the businesses have to come with something new each time they want to keep themselves relevant in the minds of their customers.

This is where animations come in. There are several animation companies offering excellent animation services to businesses online. We are one of the best animation studios in Singapore with over 6 years of experience in explainer videos. Among these, Spiel is one of the leading animation companies that offers such services. However, it is important that businesses understand the importance of animations and how it could prove to be the difference between success and failure for brands.

So, here are the top reasons for businesses to consider animations:

Effective and Efficient Communication

Communication is the tool that determines the eventual success or lack of it for any brand. Animated content such as videos not only allow you to get your point across more effectively but also more efficiently. It converts boring and redundant pieces of data into interesting animations, making them both interesting and engaging. This is a method that can be used to increase the level of engagement with both your customers and other partners.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. can help education personnel make informed decisions about how best to support the social and emotional skills of their youth.

Brand Awareness

When it comes to Brand Awareness, fewer things matter more than an instantly recognizable brand logo or brand mascot. Animated videos are excellent methods of reinforcing that awareness and making your brand a lot more visually appealing. There have been studies done that conclude that visual aesthetics can determine the success or failure of a brand in many ways.


There are certain prospects that each business wishes to gain. It contains primarily of shareholders and investors. These are people that a business would want to know about their success. As mentioned earlier, one of the hallmarks of technology has been the ease with which we can look at the success, failures and prospects of any business. An animation is a great and interactive way for businesses to reach out to their potential partners and let them know about their current success and what their plans are for the future.

It is also a primary reason why so many corporations and MNCs have YouTube channels specifically dedicated to ensure that there are animations that explain the success they’ve achieved and what their future goals are. It also serves as a perfect way for them to consolidate their standing in the market and reinforce their brands.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media is another tool that can prove to be incredibly useful for any brand if it is used in the right manner. There have been multiple studies that have confirmed that users on social media respond more positively to images and visuals that are animated. It evokes a sense of imagination as well as engagement that regular text or pictures cannot. This is why businesses use a lot of techniques such as whiteboards, infographic and blackboards to communicate with their potential clients and customers.

Marketing Tool

If you’re a brand that has to compete with competitors who can offer products/services of similar quality then you’ll need to distinguish yourself from them in every way possible. Perhaps more importantly, you need to understand the audience that you’ll be targeting through your marketing endeavors. As mentioned earlier, animations are an effective way to retain the public interest since the use of visuals is more effective in retaining the public’s attention span. Make sure that whatever options and tactics you opt for while making your marketing content utilizes the animation aspect and caters to your core audience.

Emotional Engagement

This is something that every brand craves for. The success or failure of any brand depends on how well it manages to engage the people that it’s supposed to attract. People engage better with brands that offer them something emotional to latch on to. The images they see on their screens, the story they see unfolding before their eyes, the voice that guides them through it all as well as the company that promises to fulfill their need for a particular product/service. Animated videos and content can add the element of persuasiveness in your overall campaign and make your marketing efforts more than just content by adding sentimental value to it.


This is why brands are constantly competing to come up with better and more effective ways to communicate with their clients. Conversations in this sense means to have more and more people talking about your brand and what it offers. It also means having multiple people sharing their opinions on what they like and dislike about your content, sharing opinions on what would make it better etc, all such conversations that allow the brand to build up a sense of hype around it. Animations are likely to get you more conversations since you’ll have the benefit of keeping your audiences engaged for a longer period of time.

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