Summer has officially reached its peak and many small businesses are beginning to see a slow down in sales. It’s hot and people want to spend more time out with their families. Ramon Ray, founder of SmallBizTechnology and, shares his insights about how to keep business flowing during these slow summer months with Casey Messer of Kob 4, Albuquerque, NM in cooperation with American Express.

Since business is relatively slow, summer months are the perfect opportunity to take the time to make sure your business is moving how it should be.

  • In regard to finances, it is important to ensure that every product you put out is bringing in a reasonable profit.
  • Teach your employees how to maintain superior customer service.
  • Customer service is a key component in a business as it determines if they will return to your business.
  • It is also important to make sure your employees/contractors are well taken care of; they are the heartbeat of your business, and the business’s success depends on them.
  • Another thing you can do in this slow season is advance your marketing techniques as it is important to bring in new customers.

As summer sets in and your existing customers are out vacationing, it is essential that you bring in new customers through your door.

This can be done through simple things such as thank-you cards or lowering prices for customers who refer your business. Another thing is to accept a variety of credit cards, including the American Express card. Marketing is a key factor in ensuring that new customers continue to patronize your business.

During these hot, humid, and slow summer months, small business owners can take advantage of any spare time to insure that your business is moving forward. Keep a steady watch of your finances, devise new marketing skills, maintain excellent customer service, and continue to bring in new customers.