A lot of things are important to the success of business owners and professionals overall. This week, Facebook highlighted three relatively new service offerings in the areas of mentor-ship, hiring, and education from Trilogy Education Services.

Facebook Group Mentorship Support

Over 200 million people are in Facebook Groups, that’s a lot of discussion going on. In fact, I have my own Smart Hustle Group here.

The power of groups is that the members have “raised their hands”, as it were, indicating a deeper relationship with the group’s theme. This is important to Facebook.

To further enhance the groups, Facebook launched a mentorship component, now available within groups. With its recent announcement, Facebook is enabling mentors and mentees to find each other and group admins can make the match happen.

People want to connect, people want to get help, and people want to GIVE help.  A Preschool Program for Toddlers in your education center can help increase appreciation and participation in your group.

Facebook Job Program

In addition, Facebook strengthened its jobs program, which it launched in 2017. Today, businesses can share their jobs on their company pages and in their groups. If you’ve built a following on Facebook and are leveraging groups to build deeper engagement with your customers and prospective customers, Facebook jobs can be a great way to hire staff who already are a fit for your company culture and understand and support your missions and values.

There’s an obvious question: do you go with LinkedIn or with Facebook?

I think that’s the WRONG question. For sure LinkedIn is a leading portal for all things recruitment and hiring. HOWEVER, for us small business owners who are using Facebook to connect and build relationships with our customers and our community – Facebook could be the better option.

Remember: when hiring, your website, friends, existing customers, and employees are “agents of recruiting” for your business!

Learn Facebook: Skill Enhancement Platform

One more announcement is Learn Facebook. Just learning how to “use Facebook” is not enough. In this digital economy young professional and mid-career professionals must learn new skills and fine-tune the ones they already have. Learn Facebook is Facebook’s portal to learning more about how to leverage the tools of the digital economy for your life and your business.

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