Suha Saya, Senior Product Marketing Representative, Social Media & Content, SMB at Salesforce gives us some effective tools for using social media as a small or medium-size business.

What can small businesses learn from the big company? Take it from a pro: Suha dishes out 4 tips to succeed in the ever-evolving era of social media.

Know the Difference

Suha’s first tip to bring success to your small business through social media is to, “make sure you know the different strategies of every single channel.” There are many social media platforms out there today and they are all so different. You can’t treat every channel the same. Social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook have changed their algorithms over the years and they each prioritize content differently. Which means that your social media marketing strategies from 2 years ago aren’t going to cut it.

For example, Facebook wants brands to act like people. Suha has some great insight and she shares that Facebook wants brands, “to drive conversation, they want them to jump into conversation.” She suggests, “A great way to work with that is to have videos that ask questions so your audience can answer them.” As a result, your post then shows up higher in your followers’ feeds because it’s sparking conversation. Facebook is trying to build community through your digital marketing efforts, so definitely Incorporate and build that into your strategy.

Create Compelling Content

Everybody likes a good story. The best way to promote your business on social media is to tell a story and to get help from professional Instagram Services. Aside from images, videos are increasingly being published on Instagram. Instagram Views offer views for your videos to face out from the gang .Visit us to get more Instagram views. Don’t miss any opportunity, do this with everything you put out there. Suha says it’s important to not just, “promote your product. Tell a story of who or what the product is about. Have somebody evangelize it, tell their success story with it.” She also emphasizes that small businesses should always inspire emotion and creativity with every single thing that they post.

Elevate and Recruit Influencers

It’s important to find the right influencers. Suha shares that micro influencers may be the next big breakthrough for your small business on social media. But, not to worry, you don’t need to be petitioning a Kardashian or to promote your product or small business. Suha advises instagram infulencer marketing to really tap into the world of micro-influencers. Micro influencers may not have millions of followers. But, what they do have can be extremely valuable to your business. Micro influencers represent niche markets and they come with engaged audiences. You stand to gain the most from these kinds of influencers. They have all the right ingredients, “specific to your industry, specific to your market, resonate with your audience, [and] relevant content,” Suha reiterates.

Invest and Keep Testing

Don’t let the word “invest” scare you off. Even if you don’t have a huge budget, you can still apply this principle. Suha states that “the great thing about social media is that you really don’t have to invest that much in order to see ROI.” A small amount will produce a noticeable return. Just $5-10 on Facebook will get you far. Keep testing what works. If you’re pumping a lot of money in a certain direction, but aren’t seeing results, pull back, reevaluate, and try again. This is something you will have to do periodically, even if you think you’ve found the winning formula, as social media continues to grow and change, seemingly right in front of our eyes.