The 4 Most Vital Hires When Starting Your New Business

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When a business starts off from its nascent stage, it is usually a one-person show. The founder of the company will find themselves concentrating on the responsibilities of a CFO one day, figuring out the ways to procure outside financing, and the very next day they might be hit with tasks like cold calling or handling telephone calls and gathering sales leads. All small business owners are able to multitask and take on the lion’s share of the work but usually before it gets too tiring, they start hiring new people for different tasks. Even if this means increased costs, hiring is necessary in order to grow the business. If you’re looking to learn about some of the best apps for making hires, there are tons to go through till you find the right one suited for your business needs.

Apart from creating an IT department which offers IT services and which forms the lifeblood of the company, there are many other departments to create and people to hire. Here are few of the vital hires a business owner should focus on.

1. Marketing officer

As soon as the business owner has a clear idea goal in mind, they should hire a marketer who will be a person who has an expert knowledge on targeting customers and informing them why they should use a specific service or product. You should hire someone who is able to not only see through your vision and articulate it, but someone who can manifest it in media. A diverse approach to marketing significantly improves a company’s image. Later on, as the business grows, it’s possible a marketing team might be needed but when you’re starting off, only one person is necessary to focus on marketing.

2. Product manager

Before the businesses gain traction, they should hire an expert who has a thorough knowledge of the services and products. The founder of the company can still be involved in the decision-making process of course, and they should also have enough control on it to give the best option to the customer. You need to have someone in your company with enough of a pulse on adding value to the product that you’re selling.

3. Accountant

Regardless of whether the work is being performed by a part-time employee or a contractor, accounting is one more task which the owners should never perform. Once the business obtains a certain size, they should hire the good Perth accountants who can help them with accounting and financial management tasks. Instead of worrying about accounting, get things done by hiring an expert who has had at least few years of previous experience.

Therefore, while you start off with your own company, you need to make sure you hire the right people who can let your company grow with time. Focus on the people mentioned above first.

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4. Customer care representative

There are several small business organizations which avoid the department called customer service. Rather than supporting the clients who are already there and retaining their business within the company, the business owners handle customer service issues during their leisure time, thereby devoting their money somewhere else. It is vital to take care of the existing customers with quality customer service so that you can both bring in new customers and keep your current customers.

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