Whether you own a small business or not, digital security should be a priority in your life. Hackers are always on the hunt for important information locked away in social media accounts, email, and financial sites.

All too often, people keep passwords for important sites in places like sticky notes, Excel files, or in the Notepad app on their phones. Many don’t even record their passwords at all because they use simple ones that are easy to memorize.

Make Digital Security a Priority

I was lucky enough to sit down with Katie Petrillo, Product Marketing Team Lead for LastPass at LogMeIn. According to Katie, 

‘Password management is the key to keeping your personal, business, financial, and private details secure.’

LastPass is a part of LogMeIn and not only stores your passwords for safekeeping, but it adds an extra layer of security.

Expect the Unexpected

Think about this: as a small business, you have one person who holds access to all those accounts. What if something happened to the person who has all these passwords?

Of course, we don’t want to think about it– but tragedy can strike. LastPass can be used to protect businesses from tragedies and act as a backup plan when the figurative keyholder can no longer open doors.

Petrillo describes LastPass as a “safety deposit box online” so information is not lost in the cloud when tragedy strikes. And, while this may not be the most comfortable topic to discuss, it is important for businesses as well as for individuals.

How does LastPass work?

By using LastPass, your passwords can all be unique and strong and stored in one secure location. Small business owners can trust that their unique passwords add an extra layer of difficulty for hackers.

This may all sound too good to be true, but it really works. If you have an account with LastPass, it is helpful to add a person who can have access when you cannot. But, LastPass does not just give away access. You can customize:

  • who has access,
  • what they have access to,
  • and how long they can have access before it is revoked.

While the backdoor is important to maintain the status quo, LastPass has worked vital multi-factor authentication (MFA) into your password security.

Making Holiday Shopping Easier

Are you a big online shopper? Or does your boss have you looking for holiday gifts for clients? When you have a LastPass account, you can arrange your credit card information and shipping details to immediately populate online forms. Then, all you have to do is click and the transaction happens. If you are busy buying multiple gifts for your friends, family, and colleagues, this feature can save serious amounts of time.

What can you do to protect your digital information?

LastPass and other password protectors are simply too important to ignore. Security comes from strong passwords. Petrillo understands this and shared two important tips: never reuse passwords and use multi-factor authentication (MFA) in all of your important online accounts. It might take a little extra time each time you log in, but it is better than the time you have to spend reinstating your identity, chasing stolen money, or opening new social media accounts if you are hacked.